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Vegetable tea ginger-carrot

A healthy duo for regaining strength and wellbeing

Vegetable tea ginger-carrot

VeggieTeas – wellbeing in a cup of tea

Ginger really became popular in Germany when it was added to soups – harmonising perfectly with the mild sweetness of carrots. Ever since, ginger has been adding a kick to many meals – its fresh spiciness giving many dishes that extra something special. It is precisely this contrast between spicy and mild flavours, heat and sweetness that the alveus® tea workshop has packed into the “Captain Carrot” veggie tea. As soon as you open the airtight zip-lock bag, the aroma of ginger and curry comes right at your nose. The delicate orange-coloured VeggieTea infusion smells of both Asia and Europe at once. Opposites attract: ginger and carrots may contrast, but they make a fantastic duo. The vegan herb and vegetable infusion is enhanced with curry, turmeric and coriander. All the ingredients are from controlled organic cultivation, making this drink particularly nutritious. Captain Carrot is especially delicious when served hot. The pungent substances in ginger – gingerols and shogaols – warm you up and clear your sinuses. But that isn”t all: By aiding production of stomach acid, they stimulate the appetite and digestion. Carrots also contain the pigment beta-carotene, an inactive form of the fat-soluble vitamin A. This vitamin is essential for the functioning of nerves, skin and mucous membranes, for red blood cell production and for sight. Captain Carrot is a real all-rounder. The infusion is free from fat and salt. This means that the calorie-free drink is also great for fasting regimes, diets or as part of a low-sodium diet.
Captain Carrot is one of four VeggieTeas made by the Hamburg tea manufacturer alveus®. They are blended fresh every day in small quantities and sent all over the world.

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