Boobuk Bubble Tea

“Teatime was yesterday, today is bubble teatime” – boobuk is Berlin”s new place to meet for fans of tea and bubble tea.
Boobuk Bubble Tea

Berlin has flair – long promenades and beautiful squares where you can rest and relax. And now, Berlin has yet another attraction. Since the beginning of May, a piece of Asia has established itself in Charlottenburg.

“boobuk Bubble Tea” has come to town. It bubbles and churns in your glass. Not only that – it also melts in your mouth! It’s prepared with pure ingredients and fresh, natural tea. Afternoon tea at Grandmother”s is out. “boobuk Bubble Tea” – in the heart of Berlin – is in! No matter whether you’re young or old instead of artificial soft drinks, enjoy bubble tea and good vibes in a relaxed atmosphere. “Natural ingredients and a lovely ambiance in our shop are very important to us. We want our guests to feel perfectly at ease here – whether they are big or small, locals or non-Berliners”, suggests “boobuk” partner, Andreas Schulze, with a smile. “boobuk” is not just like any other place – “boobuk” is a great venue for young people hoping to meet like-minded individuals: Happy, cheerful and thirsty people from all around the world who are looking for fun, variety and good taste – in the double sense of the word.

Incomparable pearl tapioca is the secret behind this Asian cult drink. Tapioca is derived from the tropical manioc plant and is rich in iron, vitamin C and calcium. Pearl tapioca, also referred to as “toppings”, is neutral in taste. Those who prefer a fruitier version will love popping bobas – small pearls filled with fruit juice that gently burst and release their juices when you bite on them. Using green or black teas as a base, together with milk or fruity syrup, bubble tea is simply delicious. It refreshes on hot summer days and conjures up colorful variety on cold wintry days. Whether kiwi, melon or lychee, these delightful fruit pearls are a true taste experience. Bubble tea makes tea-drinking fun and also offers a real alternative to artificial soft drinks.
“We would like people to enjoy in drinking bubble tea! All those who take pleasure in tea and are open to trying out something new are most welcome here”, says Mr. Schulze while encouraging guests to participate. This cult drink, originally from Taiwan, has been spreading in popularity from Asia to the United States and Europe. And now, tea lovers in the heart of Berlin can also enjoy bubble tea.
boobuk is specialized in offering this bubble tea cult drink from Asia. boobuk is a meeting place for tea lovers and people who wish to try something new – as well as bubble tea fans.

boobuk Bubble Tea
Andreas Schulze
Kantstr. 118-119
10625 Berlin
030- 940 44 077