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Innovative food bars from Easyfood with chia seeds

ChiaBar and ChiaVeggie bars bring together the mega trends of snacks and superfoods- healthy snacks between meals with natural ingredients – first presented at Anuga 2015

Innovative food bars from Easyfood with chia seeds

The new ChiaBar and ChiaVeggie bars from Easyfood. Photo: Easyfood A/S

The innovative baking experts Easyfood A/S are bringing a delicious food bar range with the trend ingredient chia onto the market. Unlike conventional energy bars, ChiaBar and ChiaVeggie bars are only made from natural ingredients like nuts, seeds, fruit and vegetables. These chia bars offer healthy enjoyment: the ingredients are free from artificial preservatives, sweeteners and gluten. Distributors can try these novel bars in three flavours at Anuga 2015 (Hall No. 5 – E020g-F039g).
Instead of chocolate bars, more and more people are reaching for a healthy snack with natural ingredients – whether they are playing sport, at work or on the go. Snacks with so-called „superfoods“ are particularly popular. Superfoods are nutritious foodstuffs which contain a high proportion of healthy, natural substances and thus promise health and wellbeing. The new chia bars from Easyfood bring together the two trends snacks and naturalness. Alongside many exclusively natural ingredients, such as seeds, nuts and fruit, the bars contain the „superfood“ chia. They are especially rich in essential omega-3 fatty acids, fibre, antioxidants, calcium and protein. Chia seeds provide the human body with nutrients and simultaneously strengthen the immune system. With their new range of chia bars, Easyfood is addressing the rapidly growing demographic of nutrition-conscious people who want to do good for their body.
The „Original“ flavour ChiaBar distinguishes itself with a soft consistency and the delicious taste of apple, lemon and blueberries with just a hint of cinnamon. Almonds, pumpkin seeds and chia seeds ensure a light crunchiness. With a protein content of 28 per cent, the ChiaBar, Original provides quick energy for in between meals. ChiaBar does not contain any granulated sugar.
The two other bars, ChiaVeggie Ginger and Curry and ChiaVeggie Beetroot, with vegetable contents of over 23 and 27 per cent respectively, are suitable for a vegan diet. They surprise you with a juicy, sweet and simultaneously, lightly spiced flavour. Nuts and seeds provide crunchiness. The Ginger and Curry flavour contains carrots, pumpkin, mango chutney, almonds, pumpkin seeds and of course chia seeds. The ChiaVeggie Beetroot bar attracts attention right away with its red colour. Beetroot makes up for almost half the vegetable content. All flavours contain no artificial preservatives, sweeteners or colours. In this way they satisfy consumer demand for natural foodstuffs without additives.
Easyfood offers the ChiaBar, Original in a box of 2x 40 fifty-gram bars. Both ChiaVeggie flavours come in a box of 2x 30 sixty-gram bars. The thaw and serve method makes the handling of the bars especially simple and practical. The products have a shelf life of 15 months when frozen and after defrosting, at least five days. The RRP per bar is EUR 2.49.
Easyfood is presenting its ChiaBar range for the first time at ANUGA (Hall No. 5 – E020g-F039g) from 10.-14.10.2015 in Cologne.
The products are available directly from the manufacturer over the internet platform

Easyfood A/S ist ein innovatives dänisches Backunternehmen, das über 200 verschiedene Qualitätsbackwaren im Convenience-Segment herstellt. Die beiden Produktionslinien und ein sehr flexibles Produktions-Setup sind zur Entwicklung und Herstellung von Backwaren für einen Markt ausgelegt, der sich in ständiger Veränderung befindet. Das Unternehmen wurde im Jahr 2000 in Kolding gegründet, wo sich Produktion und Hauptsitz befinden. Daneben produziert das Unternehmen gemeinsam mit Partnern auch international. Die Produkte werden in zehn Ländern an Kunden wie McDonald\\\’s, Lidl, Shell und 7-Eleven verkauft. Der Umsatz betrug 2014 EUR 26,6 Mio.

Easyfood A/S
Flemming Paasch
Albuen 82
6000 Kolding
+45 76 308700

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Angela Sauerland
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